My Name is Meg…. but many call me Jeune Girl.

Jeune Girl began as an at home craft studio that grew into a photography business as well. In 2011 I moved  to Europe with my family and set aside the paper craftswhile continuing  to devote my energies to photography. I photographed both for myself and others over the 4 years I spent in Romania.
I also  traveled extensively during my4 years in Europe and was lucky to bring my camera along for the ride.

I am now back in the US living in the California sun. If you are in the Bay Area and would like to schedule a photo shoot that doesn’t feel like a photo shoot then I’m your photographer. It will seem more like you’re hanging out with a friend who just happens to snap a few pictures. It is my hope to make every client feel comfortable, relaxed, and natural. Many clients remark afterwards that they don’t remember a certain shot even happening because they were in the moment and I captured it without them even realizing it. I love capturing a family’s most natural reactions and interactions.
I know I’m in Giants/A’s country but I hope my clients don’t mind me rolling up in my Yankee-mobile. :)

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