Elena Shumilova Workshop

Posted on April 26, 2017

For anyone who follows photographers, the name “Elena Shumilova” is very familiar. I started following her work when it exploded over the internet. Her style is incredible. I just love her eye and her ability to tell a story so when I saw that she was coming to my area last year  I was excited…. until I saw that it was SOLD OUT.  Fast forward a few months and I notice she had announced another California workshop so I did not miss my chance a second time so I signed up.

It was a small group of photographers from all over the country and I was actually able to sneak onto the workshop a few days early because they had asked for dogs to be models for the shoot and I knew Meille would be so cute. (I was really flattered to see that Elena chose to personally edit a photo with Meille… this was huge to me). I was even more excited for my own workshop later in the week. The forecast had been calling for rain but there was none and the skies were fantastic.  I can’t wait to use all of the knowledge I gained for my own future photography.

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