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Posted on April 6, 2017

Having connections in this world is the key to success and did I sure luck out last year when, out of the blue, a stranger contacted me about seeing my photography from mutual friends back in NY (where we both used to live). We had a great time doing family photos in Half Moon Bay (a place I keep meaning to go back to see!)

Their photo shoot resulted in some of my favorite family photos ever (here’s one to jog your memory):

Turns out this lady is not only smart…. she’s crazy talented too! Her crochet work inspires me daily and now she’s showing off more and more of her knitting skills too (I think she knows I don’t know how to knit so she knits on purpose to light a fire under me to learn.)

I was so excited when she contacted me again to do a little shoot of some of her wearable items. Normally she takes her own photos (which are actually quite fantastic! She needs to teach me a little bit about how she does her set ups) but this time she decided to let me have a go at it.

We met at a local park near my house (she decided that while she loves the beauty of the Dublin area, she could never do the commute every day) and had a little fun.

You can check out her work here: One Dog Woof

I hope to get to work with her more in the coming months and years.

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