Now Booking: Fall 2017

Posted on July 6, 2017

Contact me at to book for fall 2017

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Dog Days are Coming.

Posted on May 17, 2017

As many of you know, I’m hoping to begin doing more pet photography (specifically dogs but I’m open to other pets as well)

What better way than to kick this off with a CONTEST!!  Here are the details:

I will be awarding ONE free photo shoot*  to a lucky East Bay dog (or dogs if there’s more than one in the family).

*DOGS ONLY, No humans!

How to Enter:

Visit my Facebook page by clicking HERE

See the Pinned post at the top of my page? That’s where you will leave your comment (which includes a photo of your pooch).

Whichever comment gets the most “likes” will win the prize!

All entries will be eligible for a half price pet photo shoot or 20% discount on a family photo shoot in 2017.

Entry Deadline: May 31st, 7pm PT.  Voting will continue through June 7th.  Winner will be announced June 7th around 7pm

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Elena Shumilova Workshop

Posted on April 26, 2017

For anyone who follows photographers, the name “Elena Shumilova” is very familiar. I started following her work when it exploded over the internet. Her style is incredible. I just love her eye and her ability to tell a story so when I saw that she was coming to my area last year  I was excited…. until I saw that it was SOLD OUT.  Fast forward a few months and I notice she had announced another California workshop so I did not miss my chance a second time so I signed up.

It was a small group of photographers from all over the country and I was actually able to sneak onto the workshop a few days early because they had asked for dogs to be models for the shoot and I knew Meille would be so cute. (I was really flattered to see that Elena chose to personally edit a photo with Meille… this was huge to me). I was even more excited for my own workshop later in the week. The forecast had been calling for rain but there was none and the skies were fantastic.  I can’t wait to use all of the knowledge I gained for my own future photography.

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Bay Area Product Photographer

Posted on April 6, 2017

Having connections in this world is the key to success and did I sure luck out last year when, out of the blue, a stranger contacted me about seeing my photography from mutual friends back in NY (where we both used to live). We had a great time doing family photos in Half Moon Bay (a place I keep meaning to go back to see!)

Their photo shoot resulted in some of my favorite family photos ever (here’s one to jog your memory):

Turns out this lady is not only smart…. she’s crazy talented too! Her crochet work inspires me daily and now she’s showing off more and more of her knitting skills too (I think she knows I don’t know how to knit so she knits on purpose to light a fire under me to learn.)

I was so excited when she contacted me again to do a little shoot of some of her wearable items. Normally she takes her own photos (which are actually quite fantastic! She needs to teach me a little bit about how she does her set ups) but this time she decided to let me have a go at it.

We met at a local park near my house (she decided that while she loves the beauty of the Dublin area, she could never do the commute every day) and had a little fun.

You can check out her work here: One Dog Woof

I hope to get to work with her more in the coming months and years.

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Save the Date!

Posted on February 11, 2017

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With temperatures approaching 70 this weekend it’s easy to start looking forward to nicer weather.

I’m excited to start booking for spring and summer shoots. Contact me or find me on Facebook: to book your shoot today.

Ask me about rates for special events (birthday parties, baptisms, etc!)

This is my 100th post on this blog! How exciting :)

I have some big plans for 2017 so I hope you check back here to follow my photography journey.

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Small Business Saturday!

Posted on November 24, 2016

I have received so much support this year with my relocated business and things are picking up. As a thank you, I am offering FULL PHOTO SHOOTS for the price of a MINI SHOOT for shoots booked Jan-August*

To purchase one for a friend, click on PROOFING on the menu above and enter the password: Promo. From there, click on the image and choose the photo shoot $100 price option and proceed with your checkout.

*Offer expires Dec 31st. Offer does not include parties or specially priced events.


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Holiday Mini Shoots. Book Now

Posted on November 8, 2016

Having just come off a whirlwind 2 weekends of mini shoots for the Wells Marching Band and Color Guard fundraiser, I knew there were families who missed out (we were fully booked!!). I have decided to do a last minute morning of mini shoots.

I have two mornings available (Nov 19th and Dec 3).

Sign up HERE

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Mini Shoots are Here

Posted on October 13, 2016

I recently had the privilege of being able to do about 12 mini shoots in one day for the Wells Middle School Band fundraiser. It was a great success and made me realize more than ever that mini-shoots are perfect for busy families. I have decided to book mini-shoots in Dublin or Pleasanton for the holiday season. If you only have 15-20 minutes to spare, a mini shoot is perfect. If you prefer to have the photos done quickly… if you have little ones with no patience for a longshoot or older ones (with no patience for a long shoot) and a soccer game and a basketball game, etc…. then a mini shoot is just what you need.

Another twist on the mini shoot is the mini-shoot party. For a mini shoot party of 4 groups, the “host” will have his/her shoot done for free (or you can split the cost of the 4 groups evenly… totally up to you).

Contact me at

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Let’s Talk about Crafts, Baby!

Posted on August 27, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve been crafty. With our overseas adventure, I had to leave an entire room of scrapbooking supplies behind. While I did miss this amazing activity, I found that the rest of the world had moved on from this when I returned. With my photography keeping me busy (as well as 2 pretty active girls) I wanted to take on an activity that I can do just about anywhere. I made it my resolution at the beginning of the year to learn how to crochet. With a few lessons from my very talented (and patient) neighbor, I was able to learn pretty quickly.

I have made several projects already and am always looking to make more. If you need something, don’t hesitate to ask :)

Up first is a crochet blanket that was SUPER FUN to make. I am actually planning on making another one as soon as my daughter tells me what colors she wants.

This hat is a cowl that I learned how to make just by watching a video on ETSY. Since my attention span is pretty non-existent (for example, I have clicked away from this post about 5 times to look at other things…. Oooooh PINTEREST) so I decided to try this one out first in a small size before venturing into anything that might actually fit my kids. So if you know anyone with a 6-9 month old, send them my way! (this item is available in my ETSY shop so click on the link below to see it)

Finally, here is the slouchie beanie hat that I made using a pattern I bought (eek… yes… I BOUGHT a pattern.) Support small business owners! This one is made for a toddler and is available for sale in my Etsy shop


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