Ok… What On Earth?

Posted on July 15, 2019

Have I really not updated this blog since last September? Dang…. anyone looking here would think I’d gone out of business or had been abducted by aliens. I have been slacking (understatement).  But trust me, I’ve been busy!! I swear! My business has been growing and I’m very happy with the direction Jeune Girl has taken. I’ve gotten some good new clients and many have become returning clients (and become friends too).  Loving California (but definitely missing my Hudson Valley locations…. and don’t get me started on the fall foliage!)

As a family, big changes are coming as our youngest starts high school this year. I will have both girls in the same school for two years. I’m hoping this makes life less hectic. She’s excited to start marching band. Big sister is coming off a very fulfilling summer class she took that peaked her interest for her possible career (she’s looking at the medical field).  Meanwhile, I’ve still been plugging away at my business…. and adding another job working for the school district here as a sub. I love that I get to make my own hours.

As for shoots… I will let the photos do the talking:

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Did Someone Say the *F word?

Posted on September 6, 2018


It’s my favorite “F” word! I’m almost afraid to utter it since we have had a relatively cool summer and I don’t want to jinx anything. I have a feeling summer’s gonna come in sometime around mid-September. LOL.

So the Curriers headed back to their east coast roots this summer to catch up with family and friends (and we squeezed in some college tours along the way. That’s right…. 3 more years until my oldest heads off to college and it’s never too early to look at schools).

This first photo was taken because I looked outside and saw that we were going to have a pretty spectacular sunset. I drove up the hill from my house and captured this:

Our first stop on our east coast trip was to Washington DC. I was able to see some family and friends there while checking out the iconic landmarks.

What you can’t see in these photos is the epic amount of humidity. I was melting. I have truly acclimated to California. I.Do.Not.Do.Humidity.

We then turned our sights north and headed to my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. We saw my parents and hung out in NYC.

My daughters went to see Mean Girls on Broadway and I did not throw away my shot to see Hamilton in all it’s spendor on the Great White Way. It was an incredible show.

We made a brief (too brief if you ask my very loyal clients) stop in the Hudson Valley to visit our friends who are more like family. I snuck in one shoot while here (my bestie and her kiddos)

Then it was up and over to the Finger Lakes for some boating and relaxing (and lingering humidity)… and more college tours. Unfortunately, it does not look like we will have an Orangeman (Orangewoman?) in the family. Hubby is sad but Syracuse did not

have a strong program that interested our daughter.  But the flowers on the lake were beautiful and my youngest improved her skiing skills.

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Summer is almost here

Posted on June 11, 2018

Once again I’m facing a neglected blog! Spring flew by so now here we are in summer. I was pretty busy this spring… lots of great client shoots

Up first my amazingly talented crochet artist friend from One Dog Woof and I had a wonderful (and chilly) morning on the beautiful campus of Stanford University to get some shots of her latest designs.

Large groups can be intimidating but they don’t have to me. We manage to get everyone in these shots and showing their individual personalities.

This next sweetie is a Jeune Girl regular. I was thrilled to photograph her again… this time with her visiting family.

One group that I’d love to photograph more are high school students. I had so much fun at this session and we really were able to use the surroundings just perfectly.

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Spring is Coming!

Posted on March 2, 2018

Time to dust off the camera and get ready for spring!  Rain has FINALLY arrived in the Bay Area…. just in time for my first spring session (we have already rescheduled). Since Christmas I’ve been laying low and helping out at my daughter’s school (being a band mom really can be a full time job if you let it).

I have taken some time in between to get out and stay sharp. Here are some dog photos I’ve taken recently. You may recognize one of the faces as my very own Jeune Dog…. Meille.  The Yorkie is my friend Wendy’s dog, Daphne.

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5 Months Later….

Posted on December 5, 2017

…. Let’s pretend that it hasn’t been 5 months since my last post. I’m pretty ashamed of that myself! Being so busy with both sides of my business (photography and crafts) I’ve had no time for my blog.

Maybe in 2018 I will be better at it (I know, I’ve said this before).

Let’s get right to what I’ve been up to in the craft department. My best sellers this year by far have been HATS.

Messy bun hats are really popular and this one is my absolute favorite (mostly because it allowed me to use the pesky leftover bits of yarn from other projects)

Then there are these super cozy hats with HUGE pom poms. Can’t miss seeing anyone in a crowd if they’re wearing one of these!

Customization is available (like, a smaller pom pom! but that’s no fun.)

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Now Booking: Fall 2017

Posted on July 6, 2017

Contact me at meg@jeunegirl.com to book for fall 2017

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Dog Days are Coming.

Posted on May 17, 2017

As many of you know, I’m hoping to begin doing more pet photography (specifically dogs but I’m open to other pets as well)

What better way than to kick this off with a CONTEST!!  Here are the details:

I will be awarding ONE free photo shoot*  to a lucky East Bay dog (or dogs if there’s more than one in the family).

*DOGS ONLY, No humans!

How to Enter:

Visit my Facebook page by clicking HERE

See the Pinned post at the top of my page? That’s where you will leave your comment (which includes a photo of your pooch).

Whichever comment gets the most “likes” will win the prize!

All entries will be eligible for a half price pet photo shoot or 20% discount on a family photo shoot in 2017.

Entry Deadline: May 31st, 7pm PT.  Voting will continue through June 7th.  Winner will be announced June 7th around 7pm

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Elena Shumilova Workshop

Posted on April 26, 2017

For anyone who follows photographers, the name “Elena Shumilova” is very familiar. I started following her work when it exploded over the internet. Her style is incredible. I just love her eye and her ability to tell a story so when I saw that she was coming to my area last year  I was excited…. until I saw that it was SOLD OUT.  Fast forward a few months and I notice she had announced another California workshop so I did not miss my chance a second time so I signed up.

It was a small group of photographers from all over the country and I was actually able to sneak onto the workshop a few days early because they had asked for dogs to be models for the shoot and I knew Meille would be so cute. (I was really flattered to see that Elena chose to personally edit a photo with Meille… this was huge to me). I was even more excited for my own workshop later in the week. The forecast had been calling for rain but there was none and the skies were fantastic.  I can’t wait to use all of the knowledge I gained for my own future photography.

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Bay Area Product Photographer

Posted on April 6, 2017

Having connections in this world is the key to success and did I sure luck out last year when, out of the blue, a stranger contacted me about seeing my photography from mutual friends back in NY (where we both used to live). We had a great time doing family photos in Half Moon Bay (a place I keep meaning to go back to see!)

Their photo shoot resulted in some of my favorite family photos ever (here’s one to jog your memory):

Turns out this lady is not only smart…. she’s crazy talented too! Her crochet work inspires me daily and now she’s showing off more and more of her knitting skills too (I think she knows I don’t know how to knit so she knits on purpose to light a fire under me to learn.)

I was so excited when she contacted me again to do a little shoot of some of her wearable items. Normally she takes her own photos (which are actually quite fantastic! She needs to teach me a little bit about how she does her set ups) but this time she decided to let me have a go at it.

We met at a local park near my house (she decided that while she loves the beauty of the Dublin area, she could never do the commute every day) and had a little fun.

You can check out her work here: One Dog Woof  http://www.1dogwoof.com

I hope to get to work with her more in the coming months and years.

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Save the Date!

Posted on February 11, 2017

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